Positively Living: May 5,2013 episode- "Stop Bullying"

Positively Living: May 5,2013 episode- “Stop Bullying”
by Leslie Godbold

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Positively Living guest, Terra Weaver, episode Bullying

Our next episode of Positively Living addresses an issue that over half of us have been the target of- Bullying.
10% of children and teens are victims of constant bullies
50% of children have been bullied.
1 out of 4 teachers will step in to stop bullying (http://www.nasponline.org/about_nasp/index.aspx The National Association of School Psychologists) .(Every teacher I know would step up to fight bullying!)
80% of male bullies will be arrested for a crime by age 24. 40% will be a multiple offender
Almost all serial killers claimed to have been a victim of bullies!

The victims are hurting. Victims are of any race, size, age, gender, religion/non-religion, political party or group of people!

The best person to stop bullying…..is the bystander.
If you don’t stand up for the bully’s victim, You are standing for the bully!

What do you do when you realize your child is the target of a bully? What if the autorities at the school, daycare or any place- do nothing to stop the bullying?

For more answers- Join our show Positively Living Sunday noon- 1pm on am1350 or listen online at www.1350wzgm.com. Our guest will be Terra Weaver of community Coordinator of Zeal to Heal.

Let me introduce you to our guest for this Sunday’s episode “Bullying” ………

Terra Weaver, Founder of Zeal to Heal, Inc. and ZealSource Media & Communications, enjoys combining her passion for wellness with her experience as an educator. She holds degrees in Secondary Education—Language Arts & Public Speaking, Bible, and an Med in Curriculum and Instruction using Technology. Last year, she created and directed an anti-bullying video, Allies Matter, for the state of NC. She advocates and practices peaceful parenting with her three children. She currently serves as Vice-President of the Board for the Ethical Society of Asheville where she helped create and develop YouthQuest, a local Ethics Education program.

Thanks for joining us Terra!

Learn more :

Abour Terra and Zeal to Heal  http://zealtoheal.com/about-us/team

How you can help;  http://www.stopbullying.gov/

Teachers: http://www.ed.gov/blog/2012/04/top-5-ways-educators-can-stop-bullies/

Video showing skits that kids use to fight bullying!

ZealSource produced this video for NC Healthy Schools and NC Department of Public Health to support their “How to be an Ally” workshop. The video highlights several NC youth who have experienced bullying as a direct result of their sexual orientation.


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