After show resources: episode Quakers in the Positively Living series – Religion, Faiths and Spiritual Journeys

After show resources: episode Quakers in the Positively Living series – Religion,Faiths and Spiritual Journeys

Our thanks to Steve Livingston with the Asheville Friends Meeting for appearing on Positively Living  and for sharing the history, beliefs, practice and more on Quakers!

We hope you enjoyed meeting Quakers in this first episode our series “Religions, Faiths and Spiritual Groups”

After Show notes:

“It is more about our practice than our beliefs that brings Quakers together” Steve Livingston, Asheville Friends Meeting

Steve asked to include more about the Monthly Quaker’s Business Meeting – The upside down hierarchy of the Quaker structure continues into the planning of each Meeting’s activity, plans and outreach. So this means that all friends in each Meeting will have a active and responsible voice.

Some historical people in the Quaker aka Religious Circle of Friends:
George Fox
William Penn
Mary Dyar

More info on conservative Quakers of today.

Some of the “Quaker Alaphabet Soup that Steve spoke of :
FWCC-  Friends World Committee for Consultation
FUM- Friends United Meeting-
Evangelical Friends

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