“Dr. Ibrahim Discusses “Bio-Identical Hormones; Facts not Fears” at tonight’s event

“Dr. Ibrahim Discusses “Bio-Identical Hormones; Facts not Fears” at tonight’s event

You have heard Dr. Ibrahim of Asheville Healthspan Md on Positively Living. Dr. Ibrahim has shared information on several topics including Bio- Identical Hormones.
You can meet and get your questions answered during tonight’s event…

“Dr. Ibrahim Discusses “Bio-Identical Hormones; Facts not Fears”

I will be giving a talk TONIGHT at the Asheville Compound Pharmacy on Bio-identical Hormones: “Facts not Fears, How natural hormones improve your health and well being!”

Current patients — bring a friend with you tomorrow night. If your friend becomes a patient you will both receive $50 off of your next visit!

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm
Place: Asheville Compound Pharmacy

Don’t wait! Call today at 348-7699 to reserve a seat for Dr. Ibrahim’s discussion TONIGHT.

Where: 760 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804

6pm -7pm

Asheville HealthSpan MD | One Vanderbilt Park Drive | Suite 230 | Asheville | NC | 28803

Is your Body Language stopping success?

On today’s episode of Positively Living, host Leslie Godbold brings tips, ted presentation and research on how body language may be sabotaging your personal, parenting, relationship and career paths.
Tune in to Positively Living today on WSVM 1490 VRadio at 9am and WZGM at 3pm . Available on your radio dial, tune-in app, and on station website. Will be available on podcast after airing.

June 2nd episode: Father Scott Elliott, Amma the hugging Saint, Technology and Yoga

June 2nd episode: Father Scott Elliott, Amma the hugging Saint, Technology and Yoga
by Leslie Godbold

This week on Positively Living, Father Scott Elliott joins me to discuss healing, meditation and monasteries. We learn about  Mata Amritanandamayi, “the Hugging Saint”  and Technology aids in rebuilding Jewish history.

Positively Living , amma, Mata Amrtanandamayi, hugging, leslie godbold
Mata “Amma” Amrtanandnmayi – The Hugging Saint

Positively Living Moment: Amma, the healing Saint- Amma “Mother” has hugged millions across the world. She is currently on tour across the United States. Who is she? What is her message? Is she real or fake? You decide!
                                            Technology aids in rebuilding  Jewish History– the Genizah project is part of a growing movement to piece together fragments of the past via technology.

Our Focus on World Topic: On face book this week , we saw a school where parents were in an uproar over yoga classes. The parents and community leaders said practicing this type of yoga was a type of  religious brainwashing. Is Yoga religious or physical training?

Our guest is Father Scott Elliott of New Seeds Priory in Black Mountain NC. Father Elliott enlightens us on new monastic movement, healing, meditation, Celtic spirituality and more.

Is meditation mentioned in the bible? What does Jesus say about it? Is healing by prayer possible?

More about:
Fr. Scott is the Prior of New Seeds Priory… New Seeds Priory is an Inter-Spiritual,  contemplative practice community.  We are a community of Christians walking a spiritual path together that integrates simplicity, mindfulness, meditation, and prayer.  We are a community of inquiry, practice, learning and service.

Our practice is grounded in traditional Christian practices of contemplative prayer and simple monastic life and in the Buddhist practices of mindfulness, meditation, and deep insight. Our community is inclusive, welcoming, and open to anyone seeking a deeper experience of the Divine in their daily lives or in incorporating the Buddhist practices of mindfulness to enrich their practice of being a Christian.

We meet regularly in Black Mountain, NC for a Day-of-Mindful-Practice that includes mindful work, study, prayer, worship and spiritual direction. We also meet weekly for an informal, contemplative Celtic Eucharist on Sundays and a Christian-Zen Buddhist meditation and study group on Thursday evenings. Both weekly gatherings are held at the Prior’s home in Black Mountain, NC.

and their web site New Seeds Priory

May 26th episode : Religions, Faiths and Spiritual Journeys- Meeting the Quakers

May 26th episode : Religions, Faiths and Spiritual Journeys- Meeting the Quakers
by Leslie Godbold host of
Positively Living

positively living , quakers, society of friends, meeting house, asheville nc, Sydney Australia
Sydney’s Society of Friends meeting house

The first show of  Positively Living’s Series “Religions, Faiths and Spiritual Journeys” airs this Sunday Noon-1pm.

Join host, Leslie Godbold, as she interviews a member of a local group of Quakers aka  Religious Society of Friends.

Steve Livingston , a member of  Asheville Friend’s Meeting. Steve shares some of Quakers‘  history, their journey, beliefs, practices and modern day Quakerism.

Tune in Sunday Noon – 1pm on am1350 or online at http://www.1350wzgm.com

If you would like more information

Asheville Friend’s Meeting

227 Edgewood Rd Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 258-0974

web site – Asheville Friend’s Meeting

Interesting resources:
 Society of Friends and NC    http://www.learnnc.org/lp/editions/nchist-colonial/1969

Positively Living Radio Show , Asheville NC: Positively Living Moments, Religious discrimination in the workplace and religions, faith and spiritual journeys Sundays noon- 1pm

Positively Living Radio Show , Asheville NC: Positively Living Moments, Religious discrimination in the workplace and religions, faith and spiritual journeys Sundays noon- 1pm
by host Leslie Godbold

May 19, 2013

Jewish, quakers, christians, catholic, biker church, celtic, scientology, religions, faiths, spiritual journeys,

Positively Living Moments- This is a weekly segment where host, Leslie Godbold, brings news , events and tools to help you become a positive voice, light and influence. You will positively impact and change your family, friends and coworkers! 

Business Enrichment Focus
Religious discrimination in the workplace. Do you have to make allowances for your employees religious practices? Do employees have to participate in your religious activities? We discuss the EEOC regulations concerning this and answer your questions. http://www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-religious-discrimination

Introduction to PL’s new exciting and thought provoking series: “Discussing Religions, Faiths and Spiritual Journeys” We are bringing to the airwaves leaders and spoke persons from various religions, faiths, worship places and spiritual groups/practices to educate us on the truth behind the names.

Church of Scientology
Celtic Healers
Christian Scientists
Freedom Biker Churches
Native American beliefs
& More.

Let us know your questions , thoughts and other topic, you are interested in hearing.

 As always , Positively Living is a format for sharing information and beliefs in a non threatening, conversational atmosphere that fosters understanding, compassion and knowledge.

Sunday May 12th, 2013, Our special guest on Positively Living’s Mother’s Day Episode is Luella Whitmire

Sunday May 12th, 2013, Our special guest on Positively Living’s Mother’s Day Episode is Luella Whitmire

Our Mother’s Day Special Guest was selected for several reasons:

While interviewing a guest, I often ask “Who was a driving force behind your accomplishments”?

One of our previous guest glowed when speaking of the person who made the difference- her Mother! At the end of the interview I asked the guest, if I could meet her Mother. I had to meet the Mother, little did I know the impact of this little woman and how it has been felt by most of Asheville!

May I introduce to you our special guest, Ms. Luella Whitmire

Luella Whitmire is a native of Asheville, the Mother of 3 daughters and 1 son, a community activist and the Pastor at Living Water Ministries located in Asheville NC.

I interviewed Pastor Whitmire over a Month ago but held back the episode because I had to have her as the Mother’s Day focus. She was our choice because of her relationship with her children, her relationship and service for God and His children, and  the difference she has made in our community.

I hope you will join us Sunday May 12th Noon to 1pm to be inspired by Pastor Luella Whitmire. This Mother, Woman, Child of God had to be our Positively Living Mother of the Year on Mother’s Day 2013.

Positively Living : Our guests Je’wana Grier-McEachin and Kathy Avery of ABIPA in Asheville NC

Positively Living : Our guests Je’wana Grier-McEachin and Kathy Avery of ABIPA in Asheville NC

Positively Living
by Leslie Godbold

My guests on this Sunday’s episode of Positively Living , is Je’wana Grier-McEachin and Kathy Avery with ABIPA

ABIPA stands for Asheville Buncombe Institute Parity of Achievement. Dedicated to improving the health of African Americans and all people of color. Plus uninsured neighbors.

ABIPA improves health conditions for African Americans by providing education, health services and advocacy from a unique understanding of the African American experience and a demonstrated ability to increase collaboration, connection, awareness and trust across diverse segments of the community.

You better hold onto your seat during this episode. Je’wana and Kathy were a breath of fresh air during our recording. You will enjoy this show while learning information that can help you and your neighbors!

ABIPA is achieving their goals of improving health in Western NC, find out about “Deserts with the Docs”, volunteers, collaborative efforts in this community with YMCA, YWCA, MAHEC, churches, Mission Hospitals, UNCA, Park Ridge Hospital this list goes on and on…..to help the people of western North Carolina.

Thanks Je’wana and Kathy!

 Tune in Sunday Noon-1pm am1350 or listen online at www.1350WZGM.com Sundays Noon- 1pm to listen to Positively Living!

This episode is the result of people sharing with others. A listener met Kathy while waiting in a lobby. Their conversation led the listener to contact us. If you know of a ministry or topic that needs to be heard, please contact us by email @ lesliegodbold@aol.com. Thank you!
Word of mouth is still the fastest way to get your message out! 
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