Have you ever been bullied? How did it make you feel?

Have you ever been bullied? How did it make you feel?
Have you been a witness to someone being bullied? How did it make you feel? What did you do?

Today on Positively Living , we share with you the experience and feelings by several people who were bullied. In their own words.

In awareness that October is Bullying Prevention Month, please share your experience, thoughts and feelings with those who are being bullied.
Those being bullied need to know they are not alone!
Bullies must hear that bullying is not acceptable!

Today’s episode of Positively Living focusing on Bullying Prevention may bring information that may help you, your loved ones or change the role of being a bystander. Airs 9am on WSVM am1490 Radio Hickory, Morgonton and Valdesse and 3pm on 1350 WZGM Black Mountain Asheville.

Positively Living focuses on Bullies in the Workplace , Guest Ron Watkins

Positively Living  broadcasts from radio station AM1350 WZGM in Asheville NC. Sunday’s episode of Positively Living is focused on Bullies in the Workplace!

Have you ,or someone you know, been the victim of Bullying in your workplace? If so, you may want to tune into our show to understand bullies and how to react. Sometimes it is difficult to point your finger on if it is bullying or just a bad boss.

This topic is not a positive issue which is what we strive for on Positively Living but to handle difficult and important problems in life, personally- spiritually and in business, we must be able to recognize and know how to handle the situation. We must also realize that it is not a fault in us but the bullying person.

We hear of bullying in schools and on playgrounds too . But bullying doesn’t just happen to children. It is rampant in the workplaces across the world and in our own hometown.

Ron Watkins, of Mountain Sky Consulting , joins me to share important information on “Bullies in the Workplace”

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Information on our guest:

Ron Watkins @mskyconsult

Management consulting in the area of Organizational Behavior focusing on reducing the staggering cost of turnover and manager/employee related problems.