After show resources: episode Quakers in the Positively Living series – Religion, Faiths and Spiritual Journeys

After show resources: episode Quakers in the Positively Living series – Religion,Faiths and Spiritual Journeys

Our thanks to Steve Livingston with the Asheville Friends Meeting for appearing on Positively Living  and for sharing the history, beliefs, practice and more on Quakers!

We hope you enjoyed meeting Quakers in this first episode our series “Religions, Faiths and Spiritual Groups”

After Show notes:

“It is more about our practice than our beliefs that brings Quakers together” Steve Livingston, Asheville Friends Meeting

Steve asked to include more about the Monthly Quaker’s Business Meeting – The upside down hierarchy of the Quaker structure continues into the planning of each Meeting’s activity, plans and outreach. So this means that all friends in each Meeting will have a active and responsible voice.

Some historical people in the Quaker aka Religious Circle of Friends:
George Fox
William Penn
Mary Dyar

More info on conservative Quakers of today.

Some of the “Quaker Alaphabet Soup that Steve spoke of :
FWCC-  Friends World Committee for Consultation
FUM- Friends United Meeting-
Evangelical Friends

Sunday May 12th, 2013, Our special guest on Positively Living’s Mother’s Day Episode is Luella Whitmire

Sunday May 12th, 2013, Our special guest on Positively Living’s Mother’s Day Episode is Luella Whitmire

Our Mother’s Day Special Guest was selected for several reasons:

While interviewing a guest, I often ask “Who was a driving force behind your accomplishments”?

One of our previous guest glowed when speaking of the person who made the difference- her Mother! At the end of the interview I asked the guest, if I could meet her Mother. I had to meet the Mother, little did I know the impact of this little woman and how it has been felt by most of Asheville!

May I introduce to you our special guest, Ms. Luella Whitmire

Luella Whitmire is a native of Asheville, the Mother of 3 daughters and 1 son, a community activist and the Pastor at Living Water Ministries located in Asheville NC.

I interviewed Pastor Whitmire over a Month ago but held back the episode because I had to have her as the Mother’s Day focus. She was our choice because of her relationship with her children, her relationship and service for God and His children, and  the difference she has made in our community.

I hope you will join us Sunday May 12th Noon to 1pm to be inspired by Pastor Luella Whitmire. This Mother, Woman, Child of God had to be our Positively Living Mother of the Year on Mother’s Day 2013.

Positively Living- follow up on episode Sexting, Rape and Sexual Assault

Positively Living- follow up on episode Sexting, Rape and Sexual Assault 
By Leslie Godbold

Thank you for listening to Positively Living’s episode Sexting & Rape/Sexual Assault! We hope you received knowledge, encouragement and/or resources to help in your walk or that of a friend, neighbor or stranger.

If the negative that you will face, directly or indirectly, is sexting or rape/sexual assault below is more resources that may be helpful to you.

Often when a person is going through a dark time in life, we are to be their light .


The 24 hour hotline for rape and sexual assault is (828) 255-7576
Their web site is-  Http://

National Sexual Assault Hotline – 1.800.656.HOPE
Their web site is –

More info on Sexting for teens and parents

There are other resources for your particular area, ie web sites for school, rape crisis centers, goverment, non profits,  etc.

Please share with us your thoughts and stories on this episode and/or topics. Thank you for listening and reading, Leslie

Positively Living : Our guests Je’wana Grier-McEachin and Kathy Avery of ABIPA in Asheville NC

Positively Living : Our guests Je’wana Grier-McEachin and Kathy Avery of ABIPA in Asheville NC

Positively Living
by Leslie Godbold

My guests on this Sunday’s episode of Positively Living , is Je’wana Grier-McEachin and Kathy Avery with ABIPA

ABIPA stands for Asheville Buncombe Institute Parity of Achievement. Dedicated to improving the health of African Americans and all people of color. Plus uninsured neighbors.

ABIPA improves health conditions for African Americans by providing education, health services and advocacy from a unique understanding of the African American experience and a demonstrated ability to increase collaboration, connection, awareness and trust across diverse segments of the community.

You better hold onto your seat during this episode. Je’wana and Kathy were a breath of fresh air during our recording. You will enjoy this show while learning information that can help you and your neighbors!

ABIPA is achieving their goals of improving health in Western NC, find out about “Deserts with the Docs”, volunteers, collaborative efforts in this community with YMCA, YWCA, MAHEC, churches, Mission Hospitals, UNCA, Park Ridge Hospital this list goes on and on… help the people of western North Carolina.

Thanks Je’wana and Kathy!

 Tune in Sunday Noon-1pm am1350 or listen online at Sundays Noon- 1pm to listen to Positively Living!

This episode is the result of people sharing with others. A listener met Kathy while waiting in a lobby. Their conversation led the listener to contact us. If you know of a ministry or topic that needs to be heard, please contact us by email @ Thank you!
Word of mouth is still the fastest way to get your message out! 
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If Heaven sends no supplies, The fairest bloom of the garden dies.  -William Browne

Positively Living extended episode "Save Pastor Saeed"

More info for our episode “Save Pastor Saeed, American, sentenced to 8 yrs in Iran’s Torture Chamber for being a Christian” We would like to Thank Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Pastor Saeed, and Jordan Sekulow, executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) for joining us on Positively Living.

Update on Pastor Saeed from our guests:  Sec of State John Kerry issues a statement on Pastor Saeed! Tune in Sunday at noon for more info. Thanks Naghmeh and Jordan.

I hope you experienced the love, desperation and the ability to help after listening to this episode of Positively Living.

To help,
1. Pray for Pastor Saeed, his family and other children of God in the Middle East
2. Go to to sign petition and more info.
3. “Like” Facebook Save Pastor Saeed Abedini

Words that touch my heart when hearing this story:
 John 21:15-17

15 When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter,“Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?”
“Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.”
Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.”
16 Again Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”
He answered, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”
Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.”
17 The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”
Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”

Jesus said, “Feed my sheep. 

I am excited and look forward to "The Bible Series" airing on the History channel

Notes from Positively Living host, Leslie Godbold:
On Positively Living, our mission is to among other things, bring you news, life stories and events that may positively and lovingly  touch your life. With this in mind, I want to remind you of an event happening 8pm tonight on the History Channel, The Bible series.

I am excited and looking forward to “The Bible Series” airing on the History channel tonight Sunday 3/3/13 at 8pm EST.
There is much negativity and anger in the world. But I believe there is more positive and good that outweighs the bad.
One of the positive and good, is airing tonight. I ,and I hope you, will be sitting in front of the televisions, computers, etc watching the first episode of the 10 hour mini series The Bible”.
So often I am asked, “Did you watch the bachelor, dancing with the stars, the voice, etc?” I have to answer No, I don’t watch that.
But tonight I will be watching the all time Reality show “the Bible”. Based on the living word of my Father in Heaven, God, Hosanna, the One and Only true God.
I hope you will be experiencing with me, life stories that bring joy, love and inspiration to me personally.

Thank you,
More info on the Bible series

Positively Living guest Clint Parker , Prison Ministries and Community Newspapers

Positively Living guest Clint Parker co-owner of the Weaverville Tribune shares his experiences on  “Believers and Community Newspapers”
Clint Parker will share with you his life experiences dealing with inspirational parents, prison ministries, working and creating in the newspaper industry while we discuss the impact of community newspapers.
Please join us tomorrow , Sunday March 3, 2013 on 1350am WZGM in WNC or listen online at Tune In

Notes from Leslie:
We hope our next episode of Positively Living will open your eyes to the different connections and involvements of our guest, Clint Parker’s story. Is time removing important community connections? Connections that once gone, may push each of us away from our neighbors and community concerns? Pushing us closer into “Me, me, me ” instead of  Caring for our neighbors.
 If we are surrounded only by like minded persons, how can we connect with those in need?
 Thank you to our Father, Clint Parker, our listeners and readers and the Positively Living crew for contributing to this episode.

Positively Living guest Jeff Brooks. What do you do at 5,000 feet?

On our last episode of Positively Living, our guest was Jeff Brooks. Jeff is the senior  pastor of Amazing Grace Church and co- director of Alpha-NC-West.
Jeff shared his life story with us. Some of Jeff’s life experiences include rebellion, drugs, taunting God in very high places and that life changing call.
Join us to learn how and when God stopped Jeff in his tracks? It is a story that may make you rethink some words you have heard before. Or it may do to you what it did for me, uplift and bring joy to my heart. You see, we believe at Positively Living, the Good News that refuels us and puts joy in our hearts may touch you too.
Do you party with your friends and try to find that thing that is missing in your life, heart, soul? You may try to find it in that drink, smoke or drug. Maybe you are looking for the thing that makes you feel the warmth and belonging in sex, jumping out of a plane, joining a gang or some other activity that leaves you good for a moment but just Doesn’t last.
We say to you ……Keep your ears open and one day you will see that God is calling you. Yes You! Answer him and find that deep down love, we all need!

Notes from Leslie:
I would like to Thank Pastor Jeff Brooks for joining our show. His life story touched everyone on our Positively Living crew. You may have missed this episode, but our next story is airing this Sunday at 8am on AM 1350 WZGM. If you can’t tune us in on your radio, you can listen by clicking this link Sunday mornings during the 8-9am hour.
If someone has a believers life story that touched you, please let us know. If it lightened your step or warmed your heart, someone listening may need that to open their heart, ease their journey or refuel some area of their life.  Thank you!