June 2nd episode: Father Scott Elliott, Amma the hugging Saint, Technology and Yoga

June 2nd episode: Father Scott Elliott, Amma the hugging Saint, Technology and Yoga
by Leslie Godbold

This week on Positively Living, Father Scott Elliott joins me to discuss healing, meditation and monasteries. We learn about  Mata Amritanandamayi, “the Hugging Saint”  and Technology aids in rebuilding Jewish history.

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Mata “Amma” Amrtanandnmayi – The Hugging Saint

Positively Living Moment: Amma, the healing Saint- Amma “Mother” has hugged millions across the world. She is currently on tour across the United States. Who is she? What is her message? Is she real or fake? You decide!
                                            Technology aids in rebuilding  Jewish History– the Genizah project is part of a growing movement to piece together fragments of the past via technology.

Our Focus on World Topic: On face book this week , we saw a school where parents were in an uproar over yoga classes. The parents and community leaders said practicing this type of yoga was a type of  religious brainwashing. Is Yoga religious or physical training?

Our guest is Father Scott Elliott of New Seeds Priory in Black Mountain NC. Father Elliott enlightens us on new monastic movement, healing, meditation, Celtic spirituality and more.

Is meditation mentioned in the bible? What does Jesus say about it? Is healing by prayer possible?

More about:
Fr. Scott is the Prior of New Seeds Priory… New Seeds Priory is an Inter-Spiritual,  contemplative practice community.  We are a community of Christians walking a spiritual path together that integrates simplicity, mindfulness, meditation, and prayer.  We are a community of inquiry, practice, learning and service.

Our practice is grounded in traditional Christian practices of contemplative prayer and simple monastic life and in the Buddhist practices of mindfulness, meditation, and deep insight. Our community is inclusive, welcoming, and open to anyone seeking a deeper experience of the Divine in their daily lives or in incorporating the Buddhist practices of mindfulness to enrich their practice of being a Christian.

We meet regularly in Black Mountain, NC for a Day-of-Mindful-Practice that includes mindful work, study, prayer, worship and spiritual direction. We also meet weekly for an informal, contemplative Celtic Eucharist on Sundays and a Christian-Zen Buddhist meditation and study group on Thursday evenings. Both weekly gatherings are held at the Prior’s home in Black Mountain, NC.

and their web site New Seeds Priory