"Understanding Religions, Faiths and Spiritual Journeys"

Understanding Religions, Faiths and Spiritual Journeys
by Leslie Godbold,
Host of Positively Living

What comes to mind when you think of  certain faith based groups?  Quakers might stir up images of a farmer with a wide brim hat or peace keepers of the world.  If the topic is Mennonites, maybe former Amish with electricity? Our understanding of a particular religion, faith or group is often based on whispered  gossip, misunderstood points or media stereotypes.

Positively Living is dedicating a series of episodes, to provide a leader or member of a particular faith or following, to shine the light on the truth about their faith or spiritual community. The guest may address:
outsider misunderstanding or untruths
their doctrine or creed
their  beliefs
Does their faith dictate their accepted lifestyle
We will provide some of the history of their faith.
Explain their worship styles
and answer your questions ……..

 As always , Positively Living is a format for sharing information and beliefs  in a non threatening,  conversational atmosphere that fosters understanding, compassion and knowledge.

Often the unknown is the biggest factor in negativity and fear of others. Let’s clear the air by removing the unknown.

We have episodes scheduled or seeking to bring the truth on :
Church of Scientology
Christian Scientists
Freedom Biker Churches
& More.

Please add to our list!
Is there a religion, spiritual group, faith or denomination that you don’t understand? Are you a member that would like listeners to understand the truth on your faith or group? Do you have questions that you would like to have answers to? Let us know and we will try to bring the truth to the airwaves! You can contact us with your comments here, “Liking”  our Facebook page at  or email lesliegodbold@aol.com .

As Always We want to listen to our show but We want to listen to you. Please share your thoughts, needs and encouragements!