Catherine Desfosses

Catherine Desfosses  DE Foe Sis

Journey to be free. 

Phone: 828-676-2317 [please leave a message]
Cell Phone: 603-703-3183





Journey to be FREE Naturally™ is the birth child of Catherine Desfosses, a 22-year cancer survivor living with lymphedema as a consequence to her cancer treatment.  She is a healthy living activist and life thriver.   Cathy’s personal life has been touched by cancer several times and in many ways from caregiver for parents, losing family members and friends to cancer, a supported friend during treatment and recovery, and survivor.  Cathy understands how cancer and living with lymphedema affects the whole person physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and socially. This is why she is so compassionate and aware of the needs those whose lives have also been touched by cancer or lymphedema.   

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